PDI Glycol and Process provides a broad scope of specialized, high quality products and technical services to our clients.

To meet the needs of our clients in the oil and gas industry, PDI Glycol and Process provides an extensive list of products and technical support to our clients process and dehydration equipment, both on land and offshore.

Our Glycol & Process Solutions department delivers innovative services to the industry which increase job site efficiency, productivity, and safety.

We can custom-design solutions for any operating environment for which we draw from our tradition of excellence and decades of experience in the industry.

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Glycol & Process Services

Chemical or mechanical cleaning & inspection services including vessels, components or whole systems

  • Equipment, vessel, system cleaning and inspection

  • Field inspection report

glycol process

Service, repair and maintenance of dehydration system components

  • Inspection and trouble-shooting system

  • System control tuning and adjustments

  • Service valves, controls, and heat component inspections

  • Pump sales and service

  • Pump exchange and refurbishment program

  • Heat exchangers, burners, stack arresters, and igniters

  • Heating compo nent insulation repair or replacement

  • Laboratory analysis and service recommendations for dehydration system fluids

Glycol sample analysis with comprehensive laboratory reports

  • Post-report chemical service recommendations

  • Filtration sales and services for dehydration systems

Sock & charcoal filter sales

  • Filters in stock and drop ship is available

  • Filtration trouble-shooting and repair services

Salt water disposal, fresh water, amine & gas separators

Process equipment inspection, repair & refurbishment

  • Quality control and assurance are high priority

  • Repairs and modifications are made to highest quality codes and standards

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For more information on any of the services and products PDI Glycol and Process provides to its clients each day, please call our office at (985) 447-3381.