Our Commitment To Safety

PDI Solutions' management is committed to maintaining a sustainable safety culture – one that fosters a safe, efficient and environmentally sound workplace.

We emphasize that working safe is a top priority each day. This commitment is supported and reinforced at every level of our organization and each employee has responsibility to support our safety culture.

Prospective employees must pass a physical exam, drug screen and competency assessment before joining the PDI Solutions team. Employees are then provided extensive orientation, a safety handbook and added to our SSE program. Robust safety training criteria is essential for supporting our oil & gas safety culture. Our program includes a variety of training methods, such as computer-based training, site specific training, safety alerts and field-safety orientation.

We also promote a "stop work” culture among our employees. Any person engaged in operations has the authority and duty to stop work in response to observed dangers to personnel, the environment, or violations of government regulations. Periodic drills are conducted to remind and empower employees to act responsibly when they feel it is necessary.

PDI Solutions is a member in good standing with ISNetworld, Veriforce, PEC Premier, DISA Global Solutions, and National Compliant Management Services.

Our managers work closely with safety specialty providers to establish proactive solutions and use safety leading indicator metrics to identify, mitigate and eliminate all hazards in the workplace.

Our leading indicator initiatives include:

  • JSAs completed prior to each job
  • Employee participation in JSA preparation and pre-job planning
  • BBS observation program
  • Hazard hunts
  • Stop work authority
  • Safety feedback from employees
  • Third-party OSHA audits
  • Employee safety and training incentive program
  • Routine screening and competency assessments

For more information about PDI Solutions top-performing health, safety and environmental program, please contact us at our office at (985) 447-3381.