PDI Solutions is pleased to announce that we are joining the GATE Energy family of companies. PDI Solutions will serve as a platform for GATE Energy in the upstream and midstream markets to better serve existing clients and partners, gain new clients, diversify into other sectors, and increase exposure and integration through the energy value chain.

Support Services For the Oil & Gas Industry

PDI Solutions provides a wide array of services in the operations, maintenance and inspections areas of the oil and gas industry. This includes installation, cleaning, service and repair, troubleshooting, inspection and production support for a variety of systems both onshore and offshore, worldwide. PDI is a recognized leader in the supply of instrumentation and electrical, production, glycol and process, inspection and QA/QC service personnel worldwide.

Systems include process and glycol, instrumentation, and electrical. We have serviced clients all along the Gulf Coast, both offshore and onshore, and internationally in the Middle East and South America.

PDI Solutions' management is committed to maintaining a sustainable safety culture – one that fosters a safe, efficient and environmentally sound workplace. We emphasize that working safe is a top priority each day. This commitment is supported and reinforced at every level of our organization and each employee has responsibility to support our safety culture.